Lib Dem conference paperwork includes high profile non-Lib Dem speaker, new slogan and more

Lib Dem autumn conference 2018 in Brighton - Vince Cable banner
The agenda, directory and other paperwork for the autumn Liberal Democrat federal conference in Brighton were published on the party website earlier today and are also below.

A few points to particularly watch out for when you look through them:

  • There’s a new party slogan all over the paperwork and worked into places such as the ‘party themes’ motion from the Federal Policy Committee: Demand Better. More on that in Lib Dem Newswire in due course.
  • Gina Miller is one of the guest speakers at party conference, getting a slot to address the main hall.
  • The party leader’s article in the conference directory is usually fairly unexceptional and without news. This time, Vince Cable’s piece contains an exposition of his plans for the party when it comes to policy that goes into more detail than I suspect most members have read about so far. So I’d very much recommend reading it.
  • There is a consultation session on the Saturday lunchtime about introducing a registered supporters scheme, ideas which are in part motivated by wanting to learn from Canada.
  • Attempts to reform the party’s disciplinary processes are back. The current ones are badly broken, and events in other parties have been a regular additional reminder about the importance of getting such processes fixed. Included in the paperwork is a short guide to how the proposed new system would work. Particular praise should go to Alice Thomas and Sheila Ritchie for their work pulling this together with others.





UPDATE: For details of amendments, emergency motions and other updates, see Conference Extra.

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One response to “Lib Dem conference paperwork includes high profile non-Lib Dem speaker, new slogan and more”

  1. “Attempts to reform the party’s disciplinary processes are back. The current ones are badly broken”

    You don’t say! Five years or more some of us have been saying this and that things still haven’t been changed is really a case of people not taking it seriously. Sal was elected 4 years ago on a pledge to sort this out and she’s been a huge failure.

    I can’t see what is hugely different in this process then ones I’ve been through – with the possible exception of a clear appeals process for both parties. That did kind of exist before though it wasn’t made clear. The issue was far more about complaints not being actioned, processes not being followed and decisions made ‘in the interests of the party and stopping there being by-elections’ – that needs more than a process change.

    You’re right about the importance. If this had been got right ages back I’d probably still be involved to some degree

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