Nigel Farage to run for Parliament for the 8th time?

Regular readers will know how there might be a Parliamentary by-election in Peterborough, depending on the outcome of a case against the incumbent Labour MP.

One person already interested is Nigel Farage:

Nigel Farage is said to be considering running for Parliament for the eight time.

The former Ukip leader is rumoured to have his eye on Labour MP Fiona Onasanya’s Peterborough seat, as she faces a looming court battle over a speeding fine.

Seven times stood for Parliament, seven times defeated, yet thinking of standing again? Almost like Nigel Farage doesn’t believe the people should only be allowed to vote once on something…

One response to “Nigel Farage to run for Parliament for the 8th time?”

  1. If there is to be an election I guess we should now be planning a campaign and not let the grass grow below .our feet.

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