So, what should I write about next?

Some of my most popular and best posts have come from people pointing me at something I’d missed, highlighting a topic that might be worth covering or sending me relevant information. If you’re one of those who have done this so far – thank you, you’ve helped other readers get more out of this site.

I’m particularly keen to get a better geographic spread of stories on this site – and also to better represent the diversity of what happens outside of London (where I live and so naturally spot more stories) and Westminster (where so much political attention gravitates).

Seen a story you think I should have covered? Had a great local campaign success that is deserving of a wider audience? Done something different in your local party that might inspire others to innovate too? Seen something baffling or wrong about the Liberal Democrats you think I should write about? Or just got a great photograph of some Liberal Democrats pointing?

Just let me know and I’ll take a look – thank you!


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