Who would you recommend on social media to other Liberal Democrats?

I often recommend Twitter accounts for Liberal Democrats to follow, but it has been a while since I’ve refreshed those lists of recommendations.

Over to you then with two questions:

  1. Which non-Lib Dems on Twitter would you recommend to Lib Dems to follow?, and
  2. Which non-Lib Dem Facebook pages would you likewise recommend?

Comment away!


6 responses to “Who would you recommend on social media to other Liberal Democrats?”

  1. any facebook twitter sight that will inform people of what the economy is all about in simple terms for people to learn about both domestict and national running of the economy. People glaze over when they hear people talking about it in tech terms when it can be simplified Keynes did have a try at putting it simply.

  2. A fairly lengthy list based on a quick glance through my current twitter follows:
    Lib Dem MPs and MEPs plus

    Political commentary
    Ian Dunt – @IanDunt
    David Allen Green – @DavidAllenGreen

    Brexit commentary
    Alex Andreou – @SturdyAlex
    Chris Grey – @ChrisGreyBrexit

    Brexit campaigning
    Femi Oluwole – @Femi_Sorry
    Mike Galsworthy – @MikeGalsworthy
    Gina Miller – @ThatGinaMiller

    Brexit podcasts
    Remainiacs – @remainiacs
    Cakewatch – @CakeWatchCast

    Trade negotiations
    David Henig – @DavidHenigUK
    Steve Analyst – @EmporersNewC
    Steve Bullock – @GuitarMoog

    LibDem Brexit
    Sarah Ludford – @SarahLudford

    Political reporting
    Adam Payne – @AdamPayne26

    Politicians from other parties:
    Seb Dance MEP (Lab) – @SebDance
    Caroline Lucas – @CarolineLucas
    Richard Corbett MEP (Lab) – @RCorbettMEP
    Tom Watson – @tom_watson

    Political data:
    Gavin Freeguard – @GavinFreeguard

    Legal analysis:
    Matthew Scott – @BarristerBlog
    Secret Barrister – @BarristerSecret

    International development
    Bill Gates – @BillGates

  3. Education / Young People
    One for, in particular, all local party twitter accounts to follow asap this week as A level results are announced on Thursday 16th August, so an opportunity to get your party known locally to young people:-
    https://twitter.com/ucas_online which has lots of useful tweets for A level students that can be tweeted, and if with comment use the hashtags #alevelresults #alevelresultsday #alevelresults2018 #alevelresultsday2018 as well as hashtags for your own local area.

    All these I find really useful for both my own twitter account and for our local party twitter account:-
    https://twitter.com/Brexit Bloomberg Brexit
    https://twitter.com/brexitjobslost finds stories of actual jobs being or potentially lost due to Brexit
    https://twitter.com/Haggis_UK who is good at finding & tweeting Brexit related videos
    https://twitter.com/InFactsOrg Brexit stories from UK journalists
    https://twitter.com/OFOCBrexit young people’s ant-brexit campaign
    https://twitter.com/TopazStopBrexit tweet lots of really useful infographics explaining the positives of being in the EU.

  4. It is very easy to recommend people whose views you agree with, but if all of your sources have similar views to your own, then you are living in an echo chamber. As a challenge, I suggest reading a blog from a Brexiteer and asking yourself how would you convince such a person that Remain is the better option; after all about 30% of Lib Dem supporters voted for Brexit and if we do get a second referendum then we will have to convince them and people like them to change their minds. We don’t need to convince the xenophobes; just the people amenable to common-sense and reason.

    So read this : http://peterjnorth.blogspot.com/ and ask yourself what arguments you would use to convince a rational Brexiteer like him.

  5. as an aside.. go to You Tube for James O’Brien.. he helps convince me that there is some mileage in sticking to the Remain agenda..

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