Hundreds of portable lavatories to be ordered in secret by Government as part of Brexit preparations

Imagine the ridicule the Remain campaign would have got from Brexiters if they’d warned that voting Leave would mean spending money on lots of portable lavatories.

Yet today’s papers bring this news:

The Mail on Sunday has established that the plans for a no-deal Brexit include ordering hundreds of portable lavatories to be deployed on motorways, to be used by lorry drivers caught in gridlock caused by the reintroduction of EU border checks.

Something similar has been done before when there have been previous short-term disruptions to the flow of lorries through Dover, such as due to strikes. But this wouldn’t be just to see things through 48 hours of strikes. This would be the long-term reality of a no-deal Brexit.

A no-deal Brexit which more and more emulates that famous scene from Airplane II.

A no-deal Brexit which many in the Conservative Party sing the praises of. Though thankfully public opinion on Brexit is continuing its slow shift.

Just to add to the insult, the government is keeping details of the plans for hundreds of portable toilets to be purchased at our expense secret.

So you really shouldn’t tell anyone else about this story.


4 responses to “Hundreds of portable lavatories to be ordered in secret by Government as part of Brexit preparations”

  1. It was wrong to say that Brexit is without any positive aspect. For that, I apologise profusely.

    There will be two growth areas:
    Tax avoidance.

  2. Goody goody. Deliveroo cyclists can deliver bog chemicals twisting in and out of the lorries on a dodgem run,toilet rolls rolling allover the place like a paper chase.WHAT FUN!!

  3. I remember years ago reading of one East European refugee who fled the Nazis before WWII saying that he had never been sure if the British were incredibly brave or simply insane.

    At least we’ve sorted that one out.

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