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Friday is the day of Vince Cable’s speech on how he wants to see the Liberal Democrats change. Friday is also the day of the next edition of Liberal Democrat Newswire which will cover the strategy behind the speech, what inspired the ideas in it and what will happen next (including how members will be further* consulted).

If you’re not one of the 12,231 subscribers to Lib Dem Newswire, then just sign up here.

Long-term readers got to hear about the merits of a registered supporters scheme in a pamphlet I wrote with David Howarth as long ago as 2015,  to read in September last year the pamphlet foreword from Vince Cable calling for the party to be opened up, then got to hear in March this year of the party’s adoption of plans for building a broader liberal movement, followed in June with details about how a new registered supporters scheme could work, and then in July my take on how to make it work. All, ahem, well ahead of media coverage on these different elements of the overall story and with repeated alerts about how party members can influence what happens.


* Two emails went to all party members for whom there are working, opted-in email addresses in the party’s members records in the last few weeks with a survey about the registered supporters scheme specifically. If you are a member and didn’t receive these, this troubleshooting guide should help.

UPDATE: This edition is now also available on this site.

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