Hinckley and Bosworth Liberal Democrats re-select Michael Mullaney

Michael Mullaney

Liberal Democrats in Hinckley and Bosworth have selected local Councillor Michael Mullaney to be their parliamentary candidate. Michael, the County Councillor for Hinckley De Montfort, has previously stood at the last three elections for the Liberal Democrats in Bosworth. At the last general election he secured the highest number of votes for any Lib Dem candidate in the entire Midlands.

Speaking at his selection meeting Michael Mullaney said,

“Hinckley and Bosworth is crying out for a new local MP who will fight for local people on the issues that matter.

“For our health service. Our local NHS is facing millions of pounds of cutbacks, Mount Road Hospital in Hinckley faces closure with no replacement Walk-in Centre being offered for our large and growing population.

“We need an MP who will fight for local schools. Leicestershire schools are amongst the worst funded in the country. Local children and young people deserve to have properly funded local schools.

“Leicestershire is the worst funded County Council in Britain under the Tory government, this means we see services like Libraries and Sure Start Children’s Centres close whilst people are still being hit by rocketing rises in Council Tax. We need a new MP who will fight for fair funding for Leicestershire.

“At the last election Bosworth had the highest Lib Dem vote out of the 105 constituencies in the East and West Midlands. Lib Dem leader Vince Cable has made it clear he wants the Lib Dems to gain seats in every part of Britain. Electing a Lib Dem MP in the Midlands means winning Bosworth. And the results of the last year have been positive. In council by-elections we gained two seats in Earl Shilton, the first time the Lib Dems have ever won elections in Earl Shilton.

“We have a Conservative government that is making a hash of Brexit, and a Labour opposition that is increasingly extreme and divided. People in Hinckley and Bosworth and the British people as a whole need an alternative to the twin disasters of the current Labour and Conservative leaderships.

“If people in Hinckley and Bosworth elect me as their MP, they will have a full-time local MP who will fight for the quality healthcare, education and other vital local services that they and their families need.”

Michael Mullaney came closest to winning the seat in 2010, cutting¬†David Tredinnick’s majority to 5,032. Although the party has fallen back since then, it has weathered the political downturns of the intervening years much better than many others.

Given how outrageous the views of David Tredinnick are, I hope Michael Mullaney and the team manage to repeat the feats of other seats which similarly peaked, fell back and then recovered – such as Oxford West & Abingdon, where Layla Moran regained the seat in 2017.

There’s a full list of Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate selections so far here.

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One response to “Hinckley and Bosworth Liberal Democrats re-select Michael Mullaney”

  1. I was disgusted to find out yesterday that there is no longer an X ray facility at Hinckley Health Centre. As a disabled wheelchair user I now have to attend either Coalville or Glenfield hospital a round trip in a taxi plus cost of carer for 2 hours would be about £100. I get PIPs so am not entitled to use the ambulance service. I think it is dreadfull that we are loosing all the basic services in this area. I also hear that we may soon loose the podiatry clinic in the health centre (fortunately I do not need this servise at present but many do)

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