And the big news from the Wikileaks revelations is…

… that it turns out the world as told through secret US diplomacy is, er…, pretty much the same as the one we always thought.

Saudis not keen on Iranians? Chinese frustrated by North Koreans? Member of the Royal Family rude to someone else? Excuse me while I hold the front page for that scoop.

Some of the detail is fascinating but the big picture so far is that the secret world turns out to be pretty much the same as the public one.

One response to “And the big news from the Wikileaks revelations is…”

  1. Hear, hear.

    The only things that surprises me is that there are 6,999 documents on Wrangel Island. That makes the “country” — according to Wikileaks’s definitions, which also makes Corsica a coutnry — ranked 7th. I didn’t know the US cared so much about polar bears (or, as that’s possible too, that the polar bears are such a threat to US society).

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