WATCH: the new Liberal Democrat TV film, featuring more of the party’s new messaging

The latest Liberal Democrat TV film (Party Political Broadcast, or PPB), is really two. First, a new one about the party’s vision for Britain, showing how there’s more to the party’s new messaging than simply the Demand Better slogan. You may wish to have fun noticing how the three usually mentioned front-runners to be the next party leader have their presence in the film carefully balanced … though my tip for a flutter as an outsider if you can get good odds is missing.

This is then followed by a lightly updated re-run of a previous anti-Brexit one, whose then knocking of Theresa May’s failure to agree a Brexit deal now looks all the more spot on.

(The audio and video quality are mine, by the way. They should be fine for you, but if there’s a bit of loss, shout at me, not HQ.)


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