We must reclaim the banner of patriotism from the Brexiteers – Wera Hobhouse

Echoing a point made rightly but unsuccessfully before the European referendum, Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse has been writing for PoliticsHome about the importance of patriotism for the pro-European cause:

The greatness of our country lies in its democracy. A true democracy is honest about the presentation of real choices. It stands on a powerful but fragile pillar: truth. If lies go unchallenged democracy falls. Democracy only survives if true democrats are intolerant of liars.

Democracy is under serious threat in the West today not because any of our democratic institutions or laws have changed, but because enough people have become afraid to call lies by their name and have chosen to appease liars just because their lies have won elections and referenda.

For centuries British democracy has been a beacon to other countries. It is at the heart of our British patriotism and an inbuilt part of our identity. We must reclaim the banner of patriotism from the Brexiteers. They are already saying that we must push through Brexit or prove ourselves unpatriotic, to which I say that those who make that claim are neither patriots nor democrats.

Agree with Wera? Don’t forget then to sign up for the Exit from Brexit campaign.



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