Welcome to some of the new Liberal Democrat members

Since the mammoth People’s Vote march last weekend, the huge Liberal Democrat presence and the official Labour avoidance of it, there’s been a noticeable mini-surge in people joining the Liberal Democrats.

Here are just a few of the people who have been talking online about joining the Liberal Democrats:

Alice Terry joins Lib Dems
Daid Kenyon joins Lib Dems
El joins Lib Dems
Brian Yeadon joins Lib Dems
Nick Smith joins Lib Dems
Sonnet Lumière joins Lib Dems
Wade joins Lib Dems
Russell Sage joins Lib Dems

If you’re in a local party that has been picking up new members in the last few days, don’t forget the power of coffee.

Not a member yourself but like to know more? Here’s what the Lib Dems stand for, our current set of policies and more on how to join the party.


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