Welcome to some of the new Liberal Democrat members

Since the mammoth People’s Vote march last weekend, the huge Liberal Democrat presence and the official Labour avoidance of it, there’s been a noticeable mini-surge in people joining the Liberal Democrats.

Here are just a few of the people who have been talking online about joining the Liberal Democrats:

Alice Terry joins Lib Dems
Daid Kenyon joins Lib Dems
El joins Lib Dems
Brian Yeadon joins Lib Dems
Nick Smith joins Lib Dems
Sonnet Lumière joins Lib Dems
Wade joins Lib Dems
Russell Sage joins Lib Dems

If you’re in a local party that has been picking up new members in the last few days, don’t forget the power of coffee.

Not a member yourself but like to know more? Here’s what the Lib Dems stand for, our current set of policies and more on how to join the party.

2 responses to “Welcome to some of the new Liberal Democrat members”

  1. Here in Haringey, with an overwhelming Remain vote, an extraordinary meeting of the Full Council debated a Liberal Democrat motion on a People’s Vote on 11 October. The country’s first Corbyn Council amended the Lib Dem motion in advance of the meeting to remove all references to a People’s Vote or remaining in the EU. Even more shockingly it appeared to signal support for Theresa May’s Brexit deal.
    I was in the public gallery and watched Labour councillors obfuscatie and waste time with rambling speeches and trite platforming. Not one of them paid tribute to a massive contribution made by Eastern European residents to this borough. We are one of the first stops for all immigrants to London and a young Lithuanian resident had made an articulate and moving presentation that highlighted awful uncertainties our Eastern European neighbours are facing and dramatic changes Brexit has brought to their lives. The absence of empathy shown by Labour councillors who were hailing their own immigrant heritage belied their claims to be the party of compassion, even worse, to be the only party of compassion in British political landscape.
    The following day, Labour leader of Haringey Council tweeted a photo of himself, Jeremy Corbyn, Catherine West MP (Hornsey and Wood Green) and Labour chair of “Haringey for Europe” partying in high spirits. Were they celebrating scuppering Lib Dem proposed motion on People’s vote?
    To challenge Brexit, we need numbers, not just on marches and demos, but in elected offices. Don’t just join the party. Join the party’s campaigns. Help deliver leaflets, knock on doors, make phone calls, donations. If I can do it, you can.

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