Janna Hanna wins Oxfordshire by-election for Lib Dems

One Liberal Democrat, one Conservative and two Labour defences make up this week‘s quartet of council by-elections, including Grove and Wantage ward on Oxfordshire County Council.

Canterbury North, Kent

Alex Lister stood for the Liberal Democrats and scored some nice solid progress:

Grove and Wantage, Oxfordshire

A by-election triggered by the resignation of Lib Dem Zoé Patrick, this contest saw Jane Hanna stand for the Lib Dems:

Jane has lived in Wantage for most of her adult life having graduated from both Cambridge and Oxford Universities. A qualified barrister, she became the first female Fellow of Keble College, Oxford and subsequently Manchester College where she taught for 20 years. Jane founded, and is now Chief Executive of a small, locally based, national health charity specialising in promoting research, providing advice and bereavement support to the families of those, mostly young and otherwise healthy people, affected by Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. In 2010 she was presented with an OBE by the Queen for her contribution to Health Services.

Jane is an active, experienced and fearless campaigner for our community. She was for many years a non-executive Director of both the Radcliffe Hospital and the South West Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust. She has also served for 10 years as a District Councillor on the Vale and as a Town Councillor here in Wantage, including a stint as Deputy Mayor.

Dursley, Stroud

Richard Blackwell-Whitehead was the Liberal Democrat candidate in a ward the party used to win intermittently up to 2010, the time of the party’s last victory:

East Retford West, Bassetlaw

I’m always a sucker for ward names with opposing compass points in them and I’d sign up to back any scheme of regional government that produces a constituency of West East Anglia.

Helen Tamblyn-Saville, who may well have more mainstream compass point views than me, was the Lib Dem candidate in a ward where the party has always finished last. Last again, but with an improving position:

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These by-election results round-ups cover principal authority by-elections. See my post The danger in celebrating parish and town council wins for your own party for the reasons to avoid straying too often into covering town, parish or community council by-elections.

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5 responses to “Janna Hanna wins Oxfordshire by-election for Lib Dems”

  1. Why did the Liberal Democrat and Green votes collapse in Dursley ? Brexit ? The LD party seems moribund at a time when the most important decisions are being taken and they are the largest pro Remain UK wide political party.

  2. We must be even more critical of our own members and peers than we are of others.

    Thanks Mark and others for demanding high standards.

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