Appalling and embarrassing from some Liberal Democrat peers

Two female peers have condemned fellow Lords members for “misogynistic, victim-blaming” attitudes after they cast doubt on the claims of a woman found to have been sexually harassed by a Lib Dem peer [Lord Anthony Lester], because she was friendly to him on later occasions…

Meral Hussein-Ece, a Lib Dem peer, said she became “more and more incredulous and angry” as she listened to the debate, which she said appeared to be a concerted effort by Lester’s friends in the Lords to stop a suspension imposed by the privileges and conduct committee. [The Guardian]

Those peers who angered her, alas, including a chunk of Liberal Democrat peers:

Other peers spoke to say they had known Lester, 82, for many years and could not believe he would act in such a way. The average age of speakers in the debate was 75.

A Lib Dem peer, Tom McNally, also noted the warm comments Sanghera had written in the book, saying: “It seems strange, but never mind.​” He also expressed doubt over whether a “confident and determined campaigner” like her would be intimidated by a peer.

Another Lib Dem, Dick Taverne, said Sanghera’s behaviour was such that if her evidence to the inquiry had been cross-examined – the key demand of Lester and Pannick – then it was likely “sufficient doubts would have been raised for the charge to be dismissed”.

This prompted shouts of, “Shame on you!” from Jones and Hussein-Ece.

What is more:

In addition, it is worth noting that Lord Lester had previously supported these disciplinary rules, including over how evidence is handled.

Former Liberal Democrat special advisor Sean Kemp puts it well:
Sean Kemp tweet saying how depressing the behaviour of some Lib Dem peers is in the Anthony Lester case
And thankfully Vince Cable has added:


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