Lib Dem MP Stephen Lloyd explains why he’ll vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal

The MP for Eastbourne, Stephen Lloyd, is intending to vote for the government’s Brexit deal in Parliament.

Here’s why in his own words:

I campaigned and publicly debated for Remain during the 2016 referendum, and still believe that remaining within the European Union is in the best interests of our nation.

I also made a promise during the campaign that I would not support calls for a second referendum, and would support the final negotiated deal the Prime Minister brings back to the Commons. And as my constituency Eastbourne knows, when I give my word to the town I keep it.

I know and like Stephen (and am envious of his campaigning skills). Although our views on some issues put us at opposite ends of the party, I also respect his integrity. So I can understand why he feels he has to make this decision.

Yet also, I regret it – committing to voting for a deal before its contents were even known was the wrong call, especially when it’s a deal on an important issue as central to the Liberal Democrat reason for being as Europe.


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