Layla Moran tables motion calling for PM to apologise over queue jumping insult

Great to see Liberal Democrat MP, and a strong opponent of Brexit, Layla Moran taking action over the Prime Minister’s offensive remarks about EU citizens:

Today I’m submitting a Parliamentary motion calling on the Prime Minister to apologise for her offensive remarks yesterday saying that EU citizens in the UK had “jumped the queue”. Her words have caused great offence to EU citizens here. They deserve better & I demand better.

2 responses to “Layla Moran tables motion calling for PM to apologise over queue jumping insult”

  1. Here’s my letter:
    Dear Ms Churchill,
    In her recent speech to the CBI, the Prime Minister Theresa May accused EU nationals of “jumping the queue” ahead of Australians and Indians in the British job market. As queue-jumping is a heinous social misdemeanour, not only among the British, but elsewhere as well, I believe her words were intended to be provocative and insulting to non-British EU nationals. I am writing to you to express my indignation and embarrassment that a British Prime Minister should indulge in such cheap and tasteless insults, and to request that you support the motion being tabled in Parliament to request the Prime Minister for an immediate, unconditional apology. Many thanks for your attention to my request, Chris Wrathall, Stowmarket.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Theresa May’s comments were inflammatory and unworthy of a British Prime Minister. The carried the potential of creating a climate of xenophobia and hatred.

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