How UK politics could become even more chaotic in early 2019

Step one, Peterborough’s Labour MP is convicted.

Step two, a Parliamentary by-election is called.

Step three, Nigel Farage follows up his earlier talk and stands.

Step four, Nigel Farage wins the heavily Leave-voting seat.

Step five, hello more chaos.

4 responses to “How UK politics could become even more chaotic in early 2019”

  1. What evidence do you have that purports to Farage being able to win the seat there, other than your premise that he would do so based on it being a heavily leave constituency? I’m sure I read that a poll showed all Labour-held seats where the majority had voted leave now showed they supported remain. Your articles are always worth reading, but this one may be based on wishful thinking rather than well-researched evidence. Thanks, Joe

  2. Possible, but unlikely. Peterborough doesn’t strike me as natural Falange territory and his image has got a bit moth-eaten. Also unlikely because on recent polls and results, the Tories would fancy regaining it and they’ll probably have a Brexiteer candidate.

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