Lib Dem PPC wins Warwickshire council seat as party successfully defends two others

A pair of defences each for Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems plus one independent seat make up this week’s mini-bumper bundle of seven council by-elections. Very welcome as part of that is the appearance of a full set of seven Liberal Democrat candidates.

Kelsey and Eden Park, Bromley

Julie Ireland, who has been a key figure in the recovery of the Liberal Democrats in this area, stood for the party this time:

Aylesbury North-West, Buckinghamshire

One of the Lib Dem defences, with Martin Farrow’s resignation leading to the candidature of Anders Christensen. He was hoping to defend a seat the party took off Ukip in 2017 with just 30% of the vote in a multi-way fight. And defend it he did, with an increased majority:

Christensen had previously won a borough council by-election in the same area back in December 2014.

Delapre and Briar Hill, Northampton

Michael Maher fought this Labour seat in an area that has had some Liberal Democrat strength in the past:

Failsworth East, Oldham

Stephen Barrow was the Liberal Democrat candidate in a ward the party has finished in last every time bar the one exception of 2010:

Wheatley, Oxfordshire

The other of the Liberal Democrat defences with Tim Bearder hoping to succeed Kirsten Johnson, who is now the party’s PPC in North Devon.

And succeed her he did, with a whopping increase in the majority:

Stratford North, Warwickshire

The Lib Dems were represented this time by Dominic Skinner, who is also the local PPC. And what a result he secured:

Welwyn West, Welwyn Hatfield

Regular readers or guests at events I speak at will know Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats for their notoriously neat handwriting. That accolade I assume also applies to Christina Raven, fighting this ward for the Liberal Democrats – a welcome return to the party being on the ballot paper after not standing in the ward earlier this year.

Two holds, a gain and a good vote increase across the board:

A good night indeed for the Liberal Democrats.

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These by-election results round-ups cover principal authority by-elections. See my post The danger in celebrating parish and town council wins for your own party for the reasons to avoid straying too often into covering town, parish or community council by-elections.

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One response to “Lib Dem PPC wins Warwickshire council seat as party successfully defends two others”

  1. I am impressed by the Warwickshire (Stratford North) result. I think it is brave for a PPC to stand for a by-election in such circumstances.

    This is an excellent council election result in an area north of London with a well educated population. A bit like St Albans.

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