Norman Lamb opposes Theresa May’s deal, backs People’s Vote

The news that the Lib Dem MP for Eastbourne, Stephen Lloyd, is going to vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal triggered speculation about what Norman Lamb, usually seen as the least enthusiastic pro-European amongst the party’s MPs, will do.

The New European has the answer:

I have a responsibility to make the best judgment in the national interest. I do not think this deal resolves anything. Therefore I cannot back Theresa May’s deal. She has attempted to find a place between two stark positions. But I have been lobbied by both Remainers and Leavers to vote against the deal.

Since the referendum, we have not confronted a lot of the issues we face as a country – a lot of the issues that led to the Brexit vote in the first place. And the deal would only prolong the agony.

If the deal healed the divide in our nation I would be happy to vote for it. But it does not. I do not think we achieve our object by supporting it…

The road to salvation is fraught with high danger but I believe that we must go back to the people. There is no guarantee that it would heal the divide. But I do think this is the best way out of the current position we are in.

I have always argued the case for Remain. But I would like Britain to be in a radically reformed European Union not to go back to the status quo we had before – that would not answer any of the concerns people had.


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