Reader and listener survey 2021: tell me what you think

Many thanks for being a reader of, or listener to, my output.

It would be great if you can take a few minutes to complete my latest reader survey in order to help me make my content and choice of channels interesting, useful and convenient.

You can take the reader survey here.

8 responses to “Reader and listener survey 2021: tell me what you think”

    • Sorry to hear you had a problem. What happened when you clicked/tapped the Submit button? If nothing at all appeared to happen, it may be that one of the mandatory questions was left blank and so if you go back up the screen it’ll have a message in red telling you which one.

  1. The survey won’t submit if there is answer to the “the reason why you don’t listen to Podcast” which if you do you are inclined not to answer.

  2. I value hearing what is actually happening, not what someone wants me to believe. I would like facts to counter the arguments like “they all do it”, which I hear regularly. The one thing that most of the people I meet agree on is, that they don’t trust Russia and do
    not like to hear that any party is receiving funds from. Facts about the NHS and how it is being gradually, or quickly being sold off to US Insurance Co’s, and how people are being made bankrupt in the USA because of. Schools funding into Academies which them take the cream off the top leaving the schools worse off. Sorry to go on, but we also need to know where and when LD’s were responsible for any issues so that we can be prepared to give reasons. I found that I had 5 tories attacking Blair and Brown, as they had created most of the money probs, and of course the coalition! Anything to help I would be grateful for!

  3. A happy and prosperous New Year to everyone. Thank you for providing an oasis of truth and decency amid a desert of dissimulation and uncertainty mostly generated by the Tories, spurred on by their so-called leader. It is a pity that the Labour Party has also let the country down by displaying meek opposition to policies and actions clearly directed by the Tories to sustain their power and line their pockets. But many people say to me that LDs suffer because they do not have clear policies, nor can back up their ideas through a lack of MPs. We need to be clearer on our vision and aims, but above all we must aim to grow our Parliamentary presence. PR would be nice, but is likely to be thoroughly opposed by Labour and the Tories. So we need to focus on tactical voting as a means of reforming the centre to attract left wing Tories and right wing Labour. Between now and 2024 there is much to play for.

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