Your new social credit score: a warning from the future

A warning from the future courtesy of Tom Scott, with a little inspiration from China:

No fake British towns though.

4 responses to “Your new social credit score: a warning from the future”

  1. A very clever imagined reconstruction and all too plausible I fear even down to the presenter’s cosy-sounding voice. One has to ask whether the ‘presenter’ is human or AI. After all it already happens in China which I presume is why this video has been made. Any drift in this direction must be opposed tooth and nail.

  2. Is that not happens now? We all have credit scores I am told. At least that is what the adverts say that I see on the internet that are sent out by companies that do these things. In the past they had to rely on address, then on post code. I have never followed this up as I am highly unlikely to need credit.
    However thank you for this. I must start to investigate what information all these companies have about me.

  3. I have stopped doing Facebook and dropped my Linkedin connection, I don’t respond to sales calls that ask me to confirm who I am and my address, I don’t open attachments on unsolicited emails, and am becoming more sceptical each day with what I hear on the news.
    What are we becoming…

  4. Sounds so sensible and if nothing to hide nothing to lose. However, it does raise questions of privacy. I do feel something like this will come, like it or not and presumably a lot of it goes on already so why not make it open and universal? It will however increase inequality.

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