Jeremy Corbyn confirms: his plan is to go ahead with Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn interview - says he wants Brexit to go ahead
In a new interview with The Guardian, Jeremy Corbyn has repeated his support for Brexit going ahead. As with his previous call for Article 50 to be invoked even more quickly than Theresa May did so, and his life-long history of Euro-scepticism, Jeremy Corbyn once again committed to pushing ahead with getting Britain out of the EU:

My proposal at this moment is that we go forward [with Brexit].

If you want a party that is going to oppose Brexit, Labour isn’t the party for you.


5 responses to “Jeremy Corbyn confirms: his plan is to go ahead with Brexit”

    • Any deal would be a better deal. There are 17.4 million votes up for grabs for the one who gets us out by any means possible.

  1. Whilst chasing his better deal which will consume time etc like it is now with the Tories will he fund the things that the Tories have kicked down the road? We will be in the same boat we are in now. The best deal is to stay in the EU and fight to change it from within

    • Already tried that!
      What do you think led to the Referendum? Cameron went to Brussells asking for a better “deal” and was sent packing in 2015. Leaving on a WTO No Deal basis is the logical way forward. All those scaremongers preaching Doom and Gloom are simply wrong. The EU Countries are desperate to trade. It is the brinksmanship of the EU which is stopping them.
      Those Mercedes Cars can’t buy themselves.

      • Cameron was granted a lot of concessions in 2015, including exemption for ‘further political integration’ (which has always been one of the declared aims of the EU), exemption from contributing to any bailouts for Eurozone countries and not having to pay in-work benefits to EU citizens. Given the number of opt outs we already enjoy there probably wasn’t much more he could have got.

        To be honest, your arguments are about two years out of date. We all know now that it wasn’t project fear, the EU countries are not desperate to trade and Mercedes have made it quite clear the single market is more important than our custom. Most of the foreign owned car firm in the UK (which is all of them) have also made this clear. As have a lot of other businesses.

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