How you can help improve the Lib Dem disciplinary processes

Earlier in the year, I wrote aplenty about the need to reform the Liberal Democrat complaints and disciplinary processes. (Short version: we keep on commissioning expert inquiries which conclude our systems are broken; we need to fix them.)

Now that the new system has been agreed, subject to each of the English, Scottish and Welsh parties making a final decision to opt-in to it, the next step is to start recruiting and training the volunteers to run the new process.

A quartet of the party president and English/Scottish/Welsh state party chairs have written for Lib Dem Voice about why this new process is so important to the party:

Have you watched in horror as one organisation after another has got itself into hot water when an owner, a member or an employee has behaved in an appalling way?

The impact of the #MeToo Movement has really highlighted the need for every organisation to get this kind of issue right. We are proud to say that the Lib Dems will be rolling out our new and upgraded disciplinary process in 2019. In order to become an effective, inclusive and diverse organisation this is absolutely vital.

If you think helping with this might be your thing – perhaps you’ve got experience of making disciplinary processes work in other organisations? – then head over to the party website to find out more and sign up to get further information.


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