Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2021!

Christmas is here, which means it is time to dust off those Christmas carol quiz questions, as written by lawyers. Good luck!

Looking back on 2020, it has been quite some year… In addition to coronavirus, 2020 brought for me a change of career (goodbye consultancy, hello book writing – one released in March, one to write from scratch), a new political role (President of the Liberal Democrats) and an entry in the list of obscure answers to political quiz questions (briefly interim co-leader of a political party).

2021 should bring another book being published, and one being finished ready for 2022. As for coronavirus, who knows? Sadly, our Prime Minister seems one of the least able to answer that.

Despite that, I hope you and your family can look forward to many new opportunities in the new year too, and that you get a good break, even if rather different from what was planned only a few days ago, over the holiday season.

As has now become traditional, I’ve turned to a politician to film my Christmas card. This time, there was really only one person I could ask…

Donald Trump Christmas card

And for a bit of extra fun, here’s a Simon’s Cat Christmas compilation to enjoy:

Very best wishes happy chocolate eating.

5 responses to “Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2021!”

  1. . I have been running around in circles all day and now sitting down with a well earned drink.

    All the best for Christmas Mark and all others.

  2. “I’ll be briefly interim co-leader of the party”

    How briefly is briefly? – Perhaps not so briefly. Our leadership election needs to be kept away from Labour’s blood bath, realistically it were better held afterwards. Quite apart from our campaign drowned out by Labour’s blood and guts, whoever ends up holding their poisoned crown has an impact on us. There is little doubt that Corbyn was very good for the Conservatives and as a consequence bad for us. The coronation of a Corbynite might not change who we choose as leader (if there is a choice), but it would very much change the focus of our leadership campaign.

  3. Congratulations Mark, long time coming! Seasons Greetings to all my colleagues and fellow LibDems particularly those I’ve known and served with on FCC and FPC.

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