And the most popular blog post in 2022 was…

Since this site started in 2009, I’ve been keeping an eye on which is the most popular blog post with readers. It’s a little trip down memory lane, showing how my own interests and my audience has evolved over time.

Here’s the latest round-up:

Note: this list only covers my blog posts, and so misses out perennial hits such as my page on what the Lib Dems believe or that page about a book. The data also excludes any posts removed, replaced or merged into others.

2 responses to “And the most popular blog post in 2022 was…”

  1. Why do all the pictures from local Lib Dem parties look like Saga excursions snaps? True, in the photo below, from Aberconwy, I see some young faces in the background. But they are generally in the background. This absence of young faces is even worse at Lib Dem party conferences when you watch them on BBC Parliamentary channel in real time. I am myself only a year short of the free bus pass, but recognise that youthful faces convey dynamism and optimism. Older faces, mine included, do not. All ages should be represented in the party. And that includes the young. Can they be fished out from the back row and asked to come to the front when pictures are taken.

  2. I suppose you could do a good interview while knowing little about the subject, by asking the basic questions and thereby educating other people not in the know. What really annoys me is journalists writing articles without checking the facts. One writing about popular reaction to a particularly gut-wrenching murder case fliply referred to “the Christian doctrine of original sin” and managed to precisely reverse that doctrine’s meaning so that it meant some were born irretrievably born evil and others not. Regrettably, some obituaries of Paddy Ashdown managed to suggest that he invented community politics and none I saw mentioned David Penhaligon’s influence on him. If the article-writer doesn’t check the facts, the misrepresentation may become generally accepted.

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