Double Liberal Democrat selection in Lambeth: Sarah Lewis and Helen Thompson

Lambeth Liberal Democrat PPCs Sarah Lewis and Helen Thompson with Vince Cable

Double PPC (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate) selection news from Lambeth Liberal Democrats:

  • Sarah Lewis in Vauxhall, current MP Kate Hoey, she of the weird photoshopping. Sarah Lewis advises businesses and charities on how to play a positive role in society. She previously worked in communications and campaigns at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – a charitable foundation focused on global health and development.
  • Helen Thompson in Streatham, current MP Chuka Umunna, he of the unfortunate response to one of the nastiest political smear campaigns. Helen Thompson works at an NGO that provides lifesaving aid to people in places such as Yemen and Syria. Her previous jobs included in Afghanistan leading the British Embassy’s work on girls’ education and electoral reform. Helen Thompson also works as a volunteer caseworker with young refugees in south London.

On being selected, Helen Thompson said:

The Labour Party remains divided over Brexit and has failed to challenge this irresponsible and ineffective Conservative Government. It’s a slap in the face to heavily remain areas like Streatham that the Labour Party is still pushing on with Brexit, pretending they can negotiate a better deal.

Four in five people in Streatham agree with the Lib Dems that the people should have the final say on the Brexit deal, and we are closer than ever to our goal. But Labour’s failure is dragging us towards a dangerous ‘no deal’ outcome. For me, the fight against Brexit is about more than staying in the EU. It is about the kind of society we want to live in. By rejecting Brexit, we embrace diversity, opportunity and cooperation – and those are the values that I will be fighting for.

Sarah Lewis’s comments on her selection were:

Kate Hoey, Labour MP for Vauxhall prefers to back a ‘no deal’ Brexit than to represent the people of Vauxhall – the vast majority of whom voted to remain in the EU. Not only has Hoey’s voting record helped to prop up this Conservative Government but it has also given credibility to those in parliament who wish to spread hate, fear and division across our country.

Unlike the current Labour MP for Vauxhall, I believe that our diversity is our strength. Here in Vauxhall and across Britain we must look forwards, not back – fighting for the issues that matter: creating jobs and opportunities for everyone, eliminating poverty and injustice, making sure everyone has a secure home and taking on the challenge of climate change.

The third constituency in the area, Dulwich and West Norwood, is selecting early in 2019.

There’s a full list of Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate selections so far here, and some starter advice for the newly selected here.

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One response to “Double Liberal Democrat selection in Lambeth: Sarah Lewis and Helen Thompson”

  1. Hi,

    Like many Remainers in Vauxhall, I am fed up with the fence sitting by Labour. My vote is up for grabs.

    If you convince me and people like me that your candidate will do right by us then this seat, with a high percentage of citizens from other EU states, will probably be yours.

    KT O’Connor(local resident)

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