The question the BBC should have asked “a Cabinet source”

First up, what the BBC did get from “a Cabinet source” about House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow:

Ministers are furious at what they see as John Bercow’s “bias” during Commons debates on Brexit.

The move would break a tradition dating back 230 years, that former Commons Speakers are automatically offered a seat in the House of Lords.

A Cabinet source said: “It’s a good job peerage nominations are in our gift.”

They added: “I’m sure we’ll be thinking carefully about which individuals we would choose to elevate to the House of Lords.

“I can’t imagine we would look favourably on those who’ve cheated centuries of procedure.”

And what the BBC should have asked next but didn’t:

You didn’t make such a threat over the highly credible claims of sexism and bullying against him. Why is making a procedural ruling you don’t like a worse sin in your book than such behaviour?

3 responses to “The question the BBC should have asked “a Cabinet source””

  1. Trump – Nancy Pelosi – refusal of a military aircraft to go to Afghanistan etc.
    May – John Bercow – refusal of the traditional peerage?
    Petty revenge? Shouldn’t we be governed by grown-ups?

  2. Pathetic behaviour by the Tory leadership but not by any means unexpected.
    Since this Govt. had the result of the Referendum in their hand , they have sought to subvert the sovereignty of Parliament and one of those to stand in their way was John Bercow.
    Sadly it was not out of character from this Government . I for one, will be pleased to see the back of them for good.

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