Labour councillor in Rochdale joins the Liberal Democrats

Rochdale councillor Kathleen Nickson (Balderstone and Kirkholt ward) has joined the Liberal Democrats from Labour.

Councillor Nickson, who won 52% of the vote in her ward in last May’s council elections, cited alleged bullying and aggression as the reason for her switch of parties:

I simply could not go working in an undemocratic manner. I was being told how to vote, being threatened and effectively blocked from being able to do my job an elected member in the Labour Party. The Lib Dem councillors have always acted with courtesy and professionalism whilst still getting their point across. I believe I will be able to work with integrity and where I will be valued as hard working female councillor. The way in which the Lib Dem group are treated in the chamber by some members tells you all you need to know about how senior Labour councillors think it is OK to treat difference.

There is no room to have a difference of opinion in the Labour group. I will not simply be told what to do, what to say and how to vote. I want to do the best for the residents in my ward and I simply do not believe that Labour allow me to do that. I will be joining a team of hard-working Lib Dem councillors who work in the best interest of the people of Rochdale.

Councillor Andy Kelly, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Rochdale Council, responded saying,

Councillor Nickson has thought deeply before reaching this decision and we both welcome her to the party and commit to supporting her important work for the residents of Balderstone and Kirkholt. The Lib Dems are a broad party and would welcome discussions with any other councillors who may be considering following her lead.

In 2017, the Liberal Democrats in Rochdale picked up a couple of switchers from the Conservatives – both council candidates.

4 responses to “Labour councillor in Rochdale joins the Liberal Democrats”

  1. A reminder that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell find their political inspiration from the totalitarian, unfree Left. John M in particular tells us that his inspiration is: Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Hugo Chavez. Marx was indeed of a remarkable intellect and his analysis was far-seeing – but both Lenin and Chavez were authoritarian or totalitarian. Mr Corbyn meanwhile hob-nobs with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, neither of whom I suspect would be that enamoured of trendy Islington social libertarianism e.g. re gays and women. Be warned, and don’t be deflected by ‘what-aboutery’ where the far Left will say ‘What about support for Saudi Arabia? Other dictatorships?’ We’re talking about the sort of society the Labour Left might like to see come about. Councillor Nickson’s experiences may be giving us a taste of that society.

  2. This is not the first Rochdale Labour Councillor switch to the Liberals. The trouble, I recall is that an earlier one carried rather a lot of baggage with him and in many respects was not particularly Liberal.

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