Can you be amazing person number 148?

It’s been lovely receiving feedback from readers such as the following in the last few weeks:

“Thank you for your commitment and quality output.”

“You are a key source of information about the party.”

“Thank goodness for this service. If you are a serious Liberal Democrat campaigner, you cannot do without it.”

“Love the comprehensive by-election results coverage.”

But I’d like to talk about the messages I send rather than the ones I receive.

1.72 million emails, to be precise.

That’s how many emails I’ve sent in the last year between the monthly Liberal Democrat Newswire and its sibling lists – such as the popular weekly course on Lib Dem philosophy or those daily email digests with the latest news.

That’s also 480,000 more emails than the year before.

Eek. (And pass my apologies to your inbox.)

I’ve also expanded the range of services to Liberal Democrats, including the fast-growing Facebook Messenger alert list for great stories to share and the digital campaigning mini-course. Plus I’ve got lots more plans for further expansion, all based on the same basic idea:

There’s still a big appetite inside and outside the party to hear more about the Lib Dems, and for Lib Dem campaigners there’s still a big appetite for more tools and information to help them campaign better.

But that sort of growth comes with a cost.

So you know what’s coming next. My annual appeal to help cover the costs of running all this.

Last year at this time I wrote that 88 fabulous people had made donations to help cover the costs. Following the appeal, the fabulous gang grew to 147.

That was amazing: and thank you. Now, with costs continuing to rise, I have to ask again if you’re able to sign up for a small regular donation.

Would you become the 148th kind donor to help cover those increasing costs?

There are details on the page for giving a one-off donation too if that suits you better. (As most of my costs are monthly commitments, small regular monthly donations have the added bonus of making the financial management more efficient, but I know they don’t suit everyone.)

It’ll only take you a few moments but will bring great benefits all through the year for all these services.

We’ve seen how much illiberal causes can benefit from smart use of digital channels. I don’t want to take that lying down. Can you help?

Many thanks,



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