Puzzled by an over-specified ladder in Southwark

Ladder in a room in Southwark

Why does a ground floor room in a one-story building need a ladder that reaches up three times the height of the ceiling? That I was wondering as people started to come into the room in which I was due to do a talk on campaigning for Southwark Liberal Democrats on Thursday night. Until, that is, I started spotting air fresheners everywhere. At least five, possibly more.

A tough gig then at which to keep people’s attention, though judging by the book sales afterwards (thank you, kind soon-to-be readers!) I pulled it off.

It was a nice mix of elements – me on campaigning in general, the local team on campaigning specifically in Southwark and how they managed to make headway against Labour in the 2018 local elections and then a session on using data well – a crucial topic.

Do let me know if you’d like to come and speak in an event in your patch or do a training session. Winchester, Shrewsbury, Weymouth and Carlisle beckon but there are still some gaps in the diary I’d be very happy to fill.



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