Digital canvassing for Lib Dems: would you like this training for your local party / party body?

Digital training session sign showing the way to session with Mark Pack

Well, I better head this way then.

I was off to Winchester this morning to do some training in ‘digital canvassing’ with a great room full of activists and an impromptu projector stand.

This session concentrated on how to effectively engage with others online – what to do, how to do it and how to know if you’re succeeding at it. Although the session concentrated on practical tips, there is a bigger pair of philosophical and strategic points behind it. It’s about empowering individuals to be able to express their views more effectively online – and that’s something which is crucial to successfully growing the Liberal Democrats.

(A little example of how much difference individual efforts can make: at time of typing, the official Lib Dem Facebook page has secured 7.2k engagements in the last week. My own Lib Dem Newswire Facebook page, run on about 15 minutes a day on average, has added more than another half to that total of engagements with Lib Dem content by securing 4.1k engagements.)

If you’d like me to come and do a similar session with your local party or party body, do get in touch.

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