6 reasons to read 101 Ways To Win An Election

101 Ways To Win An Election on a bookshelf at Liberal Democrat conference

You may just have heard that Ed Maxfield and I have written a book, now on its third edition, about how elections are won. If you’ve not yet read it, here are six reasons to give it a whirl…

If our book was an English child, it would have got through potty training, seen off the first few years in primary school and be off into the joys of key stage 2. Which makes us continually grateful that it is also into a second edition and still selling. We have even spotted it on the shelves of real bookshops (and not just the ones we’ve sneaked in into in a ego-driven case of reverse shoplifting).

If you aren’t one of those who have read it yet, here, with apologies to Melting Asphalt, are six good reasons we hope you will:

1. There’s nothing else like it

It still surprises us but it’s still pretty much the only book that gives an accessible guide to how election campaigns operate. There are brilliant memoirs of political campaigners (a few get quoted by us!), some great ‘how to’ textbooks, but a popular guide to the details that isn’t just about the USA? That’d be our book.

2. Readers like it

It’s still selling, seven years on from the first edition, with an average four-star rating on Goodreads and five stars on Amazon.

3. Your opponent might read it

Don’t let them get an edge on you. Read it. And buy all the copies you can find so your opponent can’t get one.

4. It’s not only for people running election campaigns

Our book is also for the interested or bemused spectator. Wondering what the heck those weird people on your doorstep and your TV are up to at election time? Read the book to find out.

5. It’s great for busy people

The 101 ways each get a chapter of their own – so you can easily dip in for a little burst of reading, zap through a chapter and then return to your busy life.

6. It is fun to read

We would say that, but read it and you’ll see we are telling the truth…

Grab your own copy here and read away…

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