Two thoughts on Chris Williamson

First, what the (at time of writing) Labour MP Chris Williamson has said about his earlier comments regarding anti-Semitism, doesn’t really count an apology. That is because:

Second, this latest ugly incident is a reminder to people in all parties about how important it is to have effective complaints and disciplinary processes. That’s particularly relevant to the Liberal Democrats, as we’re still working through reforming – and greatly improving – our own processes. That’s a piece of work in progress, and very much needs to become a piece of work completed later this year.

P.S. Who were cheering on Chris Williamson when he made the remarks so outrageous that even Jeremy Corbyn conceded he should be suspended?

Labour activists in Sheffield.

What would they really dislike? Losing yet more council seats to the Lib Dems in May.

Help make just that happen:Β https://www.shefflibdems.org.uk/donate.

4 responses to “Two thoughts on Chris Williamson”

  1. As the MP John Mann said, it’s not only the anti-semitic remarks that should be condemned but also, people like Chris Williamson who enable them, anti-seitism is so embedded in their minds that, they don’t even realise when they make these comments and have the temerity to protest that they are being unfairly criticised. They are so brazen and reject any censure and if left to Corbyn, there would be none.

  2. It seems like there are three layers of anti-Semitism in left wing politics.

    Level 1 is the invitation to a Hamas or Hezbollah related speaker to an event, almost unrelated to the Israel/Palestine state resolution, or reading out a message of support etc. That is something that allegedly respectable people did years ago but such conduct is only for head bangers today. Some people might self identify themselves as anti-Jewish.

    Level 2 is the maliciously intended social media comment or cartoon or video or “pub joke”. Malicious comments etc mostly emanate from head bangers but the intended offence is toned down in an attempt to call it anti-Zionism rather than Jew hate. Comments etc are intended to undermine rational discussion about Palestine/Israel state resolution, or to incite hatred as we understand UK law for the last 50 years. People who secondarily distribute Level 2 hate are not necessarily head bangers, but they haven’t worked out the hate message.

    Level 3 is actually higher than foolishness or sub-conscious anti-Semitism. It occurs when a smart person tries to defend Level 1 and Level 2 hate. Chris Williamson argues that we are all getting twisted in our knickers about Jew hate. I think it is his way of denial.

    After starting writing my post, Chris Williamson has been suspended by the Labour Party.

  3. it is though, a part of the wider media/Tory opportunist attack on the Labour Party in the run-up to elections. You watch, you only have to say something mild and objective such as ‘I disapprove of the way Israel is behaving in relation to …’ and you are immediately accused of being anti-..
    or you don’t like a person, who happens to be black, to be accused of being racists.. the hair trigger on sensitivity to offence is getting ridiculous.

    • Peter: Have you got an example of where someone said something on the lines of, “I disapprove of the way Israel is behaving in relation to…” and getting such criticism? I ask as in the cases I’ve seen, although people complain about this when you look at the words they used they are far more problematic than that sort of formulation.

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