Friends of Young Liberals: sign up now

Inspired by nostalgic conversations with former Young Liberals at many a conference, Friends of Young Liberals is the new scheme set up by the party’s youth wing to reach out and engage with the wider party membership.

It will involve a monthly newsletter* including updates about the Young Liberals and guest editorials on the youth perspective on strategy, policy and party direction. Plans are also underway to hold social events across the country, conference gatherings, and even a Friends of Young Liberals dinner to get together with and thank our supporters.

The goal is to improve the Young Liberals’ engagement with the wider party, and broaden co-operation.

As YL says:

We have lots to learn from the experience of older members, while we also have a lot to contribute of our own, and we hope that this new scheme will help facilitate that two-way conversation and best harness the potential the Lib Dems have to reach all audiences.

To sign up, head over to www.youngliberals.uk/friends.

* What a very fine format.

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