Liberal Democrats overtake Labour in council by-election vote share

I recently highlighted the steady flow of councillors switching to the Liberal Democrats. Alongside that, there’s been a steady rise in the Liberal Democrat vote share in council by-elections. So much so that the party has overtaken Labour in vote share so far this year, even though the wards up have not been particularly Lib Dem-friendly.

Here’s the data:
Election Maps UK graph of council by-election results in 2019

2 responses to “Liberal Democrats overtake Labour in council by-election vote share”

  1. so if more people were to believe we had a chance of winning, the results would be even more promising. To get to what is almost a three-way split within a binary sytem is excellent .

  2. If you put the vote shares into Electoral Calculus you get an outcome for a General Election based on these vote shares of Conservative as largest party 36 votes short of a majority and LibDem with a total of 51 seats. Please treat these figures with some scepticism as they assume that national constituency voting patterns would reflect local election results!

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