How to make the most of the Lib Dem registered supporter scheme: advice and toolkit

Lib Dem registered supporter scheme - learn more here

Now that the party has created a registered supporter scheme, a great pack of advice is available from Lib Dem HQ on how to make the most of it:

We now have a registered supporters’ scheme which has opened up our party to anyone who believes in a free, fair and open Britain.

This presents you, as a local party officer, with a brand new group of people to help you campaign, help you win elections and ultimately to help you demand better for your community and the country.

We want to make sure these new supporters feel valued and part of our movement – and local parties are best placed to make that happen.

The pack of advice includes:

  • What the party centrally does to welcome and involve registered supporters
  • Tips on how best to welcome and involve registered supporters locally
  • How local parties can access data on registered supporters
  • Template graphics and other resources
  • Useful links to use to promote registered supporters and membership

You can find all these resources here along with an example of how to explain to people why they might want to become a supporter here.

As for why some people prefer not to join but are willing to sign up as supporters, see the research here.

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