What you can do even if you can’t make Saturday’s huge anti-Brexit march

Fight for an Exit from Brexit

There’s a fair chance that the Put it to the People march on Saturday will be the largest concentration of Liberal Democrat members ever seen outside a federal conference, and quite possibly the largest even taking them into account.

If you can, please do come and join us on Saturday. Especially as twice this week alone (1, 2), Leave campaigners have been fined for breaking the law.

Of course, not everyone can. Even if you can’t march in person, you can still be part of something huge.

Here’s how:

  1. In advance, encourage fellow Liberal Democrats to take part if they can by sharing the party’s sign-up page for the march.
  2. Help spread the message about WHY there should be a People’s Vote. Here are two great tweets to share – and remember you can also share them on Facebook or other social networks. They are tweets which can be read by people without a Twitter account and without a Twitter app.
  3. Share the key anti-Brexit petitions.
  4. On the day, follow the #ExitFromBrexit hashtag and like/share/comment on the best posts you find. I’ll also try to share a good batch myself both on Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Encourage those who like the fact that the Liberal Democrats are standing up against Brexit to sign up for the party, either as a supporter or a full member. Here are two great messages to share:

Two special tips if you’re running a Lib Dem Twitter account

  1. If you run a local party/branch account then don’t send original tweets about the march; rather, look to retweet others as much as you can. For example, if you retweet a message from our MEP Catherine Bearder then you are not only spreading our viewpoint to your followers, you’re also helping Catherine get more followers by publicising her account too.
  2. Get a nice flow of automatic messages by signing up to my special newsfeed service.

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