How do I sign the Parliamentary petition to revoke Article 50?

It’s very simple: you can sign the Parliamentary petition to revoke Article 50 here. You must do so by 20 August 2019.

You need a working email address as signing the petition to revoke Article 50 will trigger a confirmation email. Sometimes those end up in junk/spam folders, so keep an eye on them if your email does not arrive soon after signing. Parliamentary petitions are open to British citizens and UK residents.

But wait! Or rather, come back once you have… because there’s more you can do too.

Here are three other things you can do too:

  1. Sign these other key anti-Brexit petitions: Exit from Brexit (Lib Dems)¬†and People’s Vote.
  2. Share this campaign page with your friends.
  3. Back the political party that has been leading the fight against Brexit: join the Lib Dems or, if that’s a step too far, sign up as a supporter. (Alas, under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour is still officially campaigning for Brexit to happen.)

13 responses to “How do I sign the Parliamentary petition to revoke Article 50?”

  1. However it is possible that the petition site becomes overloaded and may not work so you will have to be patient and try another time.

  2. Over 4 million signatures on Saturday 23 March and still climbing. Yes, add more, and John’s right about being patient as the site has crashed several times. One good suggestion is to leave it till late at night or sign very early in the morning, when fewer people are online. The numbers are starting to look interesting – am I right that approaching 5 million is very roughly the difference between the 2016 52 %/48% pro-leave and a new figure of 52 %/48 % pro-remain ? (Prof John Curtice will be working overtime …)

  3. Wonderful to see the level of support for revoking Article 50. Please encourage all your family, friends and colleagues willing to do so to sign: use social media to keep encouraging people to sign. The political mood is so volatile, this just might be the turning point.

  4. what happens if the vote fails, have another. Sorry people. The votes been cast, as for the ones who never got off their backsides in the first place will probable do the same again. The people who did vote remain are the same people voting on this. The outcome could actually be worse for the remainders.

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