After the Put it to the People march, here’s what you should do next

After the brilliant march today, what next? Here are quick and easy things you can do to help strengthen the campaign against Brexit.

1. Spread the news of the success of the march

It looks like over a million people marched. Make sure people know just how big and successful the march was.

2. Sign-up

If you’ve not done so already, sign the key anti-Brexit petitions, including the one to revoke Article 50. Those petitions will then all prompt you with easy sharing links to tell your friends about the petitions too.

3. Write to your MP

Marches and petitions are noticed by Members of Parliament. What really cuts through, though, is correspondence from their constituents.

Use WriteToThem – the website which makes it really easy to find out who your MP is and to send them an email.

4. Back the campaign to Revoke Article 50

Just follow these simple steps.

5. Back the Liberal Democrats

While Labour is led by a life-long Eurosceptic, the Liberal Democrats have been consistently arguing the pro-European, anti-Brexit case. Help make that voice even louder and more effective:

2 responses to “After the Put it to the People march, here’s what you should do next”

  1. As my MP is Andrea Leedsome, I feel that writing to her is a waste of my time. I have written twice on this issue but her responses were less than empathic. It is extremely depressing to have an MP who is not open to alternative points of view from her constituents. I believe that the only course of action that is open to us is to put up a LD candidate for this seat.

  2. Brexit has brought home to me more than anything else that we need to reform our electoral system. At least in the European parliament, under PR, I have someone who represents my point of view (even if not a Lib Dem), and so do my leave supporting neighbours as we also have a UKIP MEP. My MP is a Brexiteer who is deaf to all other points of view.

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