Why I’m pro-European, pro-EU and anti-Brexit

Although it became a running joke on Never Mind The Bar Charts that I didn’t talk about Brexit, being pro-European is a key part of the reason why I’m a Liberal Democrat.

Here’s how I explained it on the huge march against Brexit in March:

That is why I am continuing to campaign against Brexit and for Britain’s place in the European Union.

For an excellent new film about Brexit, see this one from the farm of a Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

6 responses to “Why I’m pro-European, pro-EU and anti-Brexit”

  1. Is there a way to prevent this video link going on to the next video- which, for me, spoilt the main message as they were of Farage decrying Europe and other Brexiteer claptrap.

  2. Mark, you are so right. I was growing up during the Second World War (born 1934 in Oxfordshire of East Anglian parents) and learnt the horrors of that war at first hand and at a very vulnerable age and yet everything I learnt about the Germans was so great; when we joined the EU I felt I could at last I could feel akin to and like the Germans. When I first heard the Ode to Joy sung as an EU national anthem I cried. So I cried again when I heard the awful news that there were people in England, my country, wanting to sever ties with the Germans, my new family as it were. I’ve never learnt German but still I want to be their friends and part of the same family.

  3. Deborah is so right, I was born after the war was over, and I have met and shared my home and my life with people from all parts of Europe(and beyond).. every one has been an enrichment to my life. . made more possible by being part of the EU . The small and narrow mindedness astounds me, but it is all stimulated by the constant anti-EU tabloids and the dog-whistle/drip-drip of constant re-runs of war films on the TV.
    Liberal Democrats need to say more about what will be our aim once we have stopped A50. The voters need to know our strategy for making EU work even better for us, and for promoting the Euro-facts.
    We need a pro-EU tabloid delivered to every home in the land, every week until the people start to understand that EU is the right way to go.!
    For too long we have been at the behest of the US funded promotions of everything from food to lifestyle, with Disney/Cola/MacDonald on everything, duped into thinking we want to be more like them..hell no.!!

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