Congratulations, Broxbourne Liberal Democrats

Regular readers will know I’m regularly beating the drum for the Liberal Democrats to stand candidates more frequently in local elections. It’s a key part of building up the party’s core vote as well as being an important opportunity for even the smallest of teams to learn, grow and take a step forward.

It’s certainly not always easy to stand a full slate of candidates, so extra applause to Broxbourne Liberal Democrats. In a heavily Leave area with a former very, very small party membership, the party has grown sharply in the last trio of years. This May they will have a full slate of candidates, one for every vacancy in their patch. And they’ve also got a candidate for the by-election which puts an extra set up for election.

That’s impressive,  especially as back in 2014 there was only one Lib Dem candidate and it’s a struggle to find the last time the party put up a full slate.

Congratulations, Broxbourne.

UPDATE: More good news on candidate numbers here.

9 responses to “Congratulations, Broxbourne Liberal Democrats”

  1. Well done. We in Southampton struggled this year in some areas but once again have a full slate of candidates

  2. The mistakes/circumstances that happened from 2010 to 2015 now that the party has been revitalised must not happen again.Well done Broxbourne

  3. More than that, they have a target ward, they have a candidate who wants to win, they’re delivering literature (Fourth ward wide direct mail letter is in my lounge as I write this) and they even have some canvassing happening. Elaine and the team are a fantastic bunch, long may they prosper!

  4. The target ward is crucial. Good news.

    We in Tendring (NE Essex) can’t match Broxbourne, but in a mainly very Leave area, we’ve gone from four candidates for 60 places last time (2015) to 25 for 48 now. That we’ve just reached the theoretical ability to win a majority on the council was not planned: the 25th volunteered at a local fundraising and promoting the manifesto social on Monday night!

  5. That’s terrific news James and Simon, well done and good luck to you both. I’ve just heard from neighbouring East Herts, they are fielding 26 candidates compared to 12 last time, and targets are included. It will not be for lack of trying will it!?

  6. As a member in Broxbourne it is great to see the activity regenerating 🙂 🙂 Long in the past we had a group of 4 Cllrs, so i look forward to that day again.

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