A good way for Liberal Democrats to spend a Saturday

Tom Brake, Matthew Bryant and the Liberal Democrat team campaigning in the Thornton by-election

Along with a group of other Liberal Democrats from north London, I headed south across the river today to campaign for Matthew Bryant in Thursday’s Thornton by-election (Lambeth Council).

Great fun was had by all, including a fair amount of chocolate consumption… balanced out of course by the campaigning calorie burn. (Calories burnt in aid of democracy count twice, right?)

It’s the second by-election in the ward in short order, with the result last time showing very promising progress for the Liberal Democrats.

Polling day is this Thursday. Good luck Matthew and the team.

But this is the first of a run of travelling for Saturday campaigning for me because with the big council elections coming up in May, it’s vital for the party’s success that members like myself who live in areas without elections head over to help those who do have contests.

There is a huge opportunity in May: to give more communities the benefit of Liberal Democrat representation, to make more councils Liberal Democrat-run, to strengthen the party’s voice on the national stage – oh so important for Brexit, and even to give the party a good starting point for any future talks with The Independent Group / Change UK.

Next Saturday therefore I’m off to Bedford with a group of Lib Dems from Southwark and elsewhere in London. We’ll be helping the brilliant Dave Hodgson and his team, setting off from London Bridge station.

Do come and join us.

You can also make a donation to the local election campaign here.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from today:

Josh Dixon, Pierre Delarue, Dawn Barnes and Mark Pack head off campaigning Out delivering with fellow Lib Dems in Lambeth Piles of Liberal Democrat leaflets ready to go Lib Dem helpers in Lambeth pausing at lunchtime to hear about Brexit from Tom Brake Lucky break with this delivery round for the Thornton council by-election

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