A striking example of the good that Liberal Democrat councillors can do

One of the most spectacular results of the 2018 local elections was the Liberal Democrat gain in South Cambridgeshire.

A striking example of the difference it makes when the Liberal Democrats are more powerful in local government comes with the council’s welcome moves to help some of those most in need:

South Cambridgeshire District Council has announced its intention to resettle three to five refugee families within the district.

By providing suitable accommodation the Council plans to offer a genuine humanitarian response to families requiring urgent medical treatment, who are survivors of violence and torture and include women and children at risk and fleeing war-torn countries including Syria…

Cllr Hazel Smith, Lead Cabinet Member for Housing in South Cambridgeshire, said: “The international refugee crisis sees families fleeing their homes and enduring truly horrendous experiences. It is up to all councils across the UK to take action to provide safe accommodation and, since taking control of the Council in May 2018, the administration has been determined to play its part and offer these families a chance to integrate into safe and welcoming communities.”

All the more reason to help get even more Liberal Democrats elected this May.

Want to find out how the Liberal Democrats can do better in local government elections? Come and hear me talk on 25 May as it’ll be one of the subjects I’m covering.

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