A most unusual Labour local election leaflet

It’s just possible that the Labour Party in South Normanton, Derbyshire does not have full confidence in the vote-winning abilities of its leader, Jeremy Corbyn:

It is not about Jeremy Corbyn - Labour election leaflet

Not quite as good as the classic Labour leaflet about horses, of course.

Thank you to Ross Shipman for the photograph. Ross is from North Derbyshire Liberal Democrats who have pulled a stellar result with increasing the number of candidates they are standing this year – up 47 on last time. 

2 responses to “A most unusual Labour local election leaflet”

  1. the point is well made, though they could have avoided the pitfall of appearing to criticise their leader by use of different wording.
    However, if they truly believe in democracy then they would not be promoting tribal behaviour, and instead would promote their team as individual local people.
    It is a great shame when party politics creeps in at Parish level – even at District level we found that party tribalism got in the way of decision making in the local interest.

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