The UK EU Party: another new party aiming to be the pro-Remain choice in the Euros

Patrick Maguire tweet with launch press release from the UK EU Party

Just launched is the UK EU Party which, it says, “A new UK political party with one purpose, one policy: to stop Brexit. Contesting the EU Elections on 23 May as leading #Remain party”.

As if there weren’t enough parties already wanting to have that title…

Now, of course, in a democracy it’s a good thing if people who feel that existing options don’t cover what they want are free to and get up and go to create something new to put to the voters.

And it should be cause for at least some self-reflection for Liberal Democrats if a group of Remainers decide that the Lib Dems is not the route for them. We should always be open to learning from why people don’t choose us rather than just blaming them for not doing so.

Even so, it is notable how the UK EU Party doesn’t seem to have a clear answer, or indeed any answer, to ‘why is a new party required?’ and ‘won’t creating another party split the Remain vote, helping Brexiter MEPs get elected?’.

For all that I disagree with some of the answers Change UK movers and shakers give to that first question they do, to the credit, have some answers (even if the second question trips them up rather).

Having read the UK EU Party’s website, watched videos, looked up their press releases and searched through their social media postings, I’m still really none the wise as to the UK EU Party’s answers. Indeed, it’s notable how things like this explainer video lead right up to the moment when you’d expect an answer to the first question to be the next thing said, but then none is provided.

Likewise what to make of this?

We intend to become the only mainstream political party in the UK to stand for returning the country to the European Union. [Press release on Journalism.co.uk]

Quite a few other parties, not only the Liberal Democrats, would have something to say about that.

The UK EU Party’s rhetoric is good at bashing Labour and the Conservatives, but then leaps to ‘we need a new party’ as if Lib Dems, Greens, nationalists and others all do not exist.

Change UK gets more of a mention, though that’s often in the form of tweets attacking Chuka Umunna’s past voting record. (And surely the fact that Umunna has become a more ardent Remainer now than he was two years ago is something to be welcomed, not attacked, as people moving towards supporting Remain is just what we need?)

All a bit odd.

It all also adds to the risk of helping elect Hard Brexit MEPs given the way the d’Hondt PR system used in the European elections works. The simple version is that this system benefits larger parties, so the more that votes on the Remain cause are split up into smaller groups amongst many parties, the worse the Remain cause will do. The longer version is here.

4 responses to “The UK EU Party: another new party aiming to be the pro-Remain choice in the Euros”

  1. Is this another Trojan horse that will let in Brexiteers ?I think it is that these new recruits have no idea how the D’honte system works thinking it is a PR system that must be good. Farage has had years to plan his strategy and shortly we will see how successful he will be.

  2. Farage powers to victory. Might as well give up now.

    But no I’ll stah and campaign for Lib Dems, but really wait for the results on May 27th, it’ll be June 24th 2016 all over again, even with Farage “shorting” sterling.

  3. Another fragmentation! Must be eliminated at source! Really despondent about the fragmented anti-brexit vote, although as a current LD member in Wales I would vote Labour if they came out as anti-brexit!

    • I strongly support remaining in Europe. EU is largest market and we are in it. It is totally unwise to leave it and seek partnership with countries thousands of miles away. Leaders of leave campaign are those of personal ambition and stimulate nationalism feeling of people. This is similar using religious feeling of people and is of no value in modern time..

      We have already lost 20 percent of our country’s asset due to our currency devaluation. We have made uncertainty of business in UK and Europe. What we need is brave politicians who tell people about these facts. In South Africa Black people did not want peace with whites. They wanted revenge. They had Nelson Mandela to tell them they are wrong. We do not have Nelson Mandela in UK.

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