What Lib Dem members from eight different London boroughs got up to today

Liberal Democrats from London meet at St Albans train station

More Lib Dems were on their way from London to St Albans even as this photograph was taken… In the yellow jacket is Camden’s Janet Grauberg who was key to making today happen.

Liberal Democrat members from eight different boroughs (a quarter of London!) combined to head over to St Albans for some local election campaigning today.

As with my other forays outside of, and within, London to places with elections in the last few weeks, it’s been great to see how advertising trips on this site and on social media has helped mobilise extra help.

It’s a good example of what can be powered from the grassroots – members and supporters combining to help colleagues win, to strengthen the party and to win more victories for the causes we hold dear.

And of course the stronger the Liberal Democrat results in the May council elections, the better the launchpad both for our new leader and for the Euro elections.

Next Saturday, I’m off to Chelmsford. Hope many readers from across London can join me there too (Facebook event details here or drop me an email).

2 responses to “What Lib Dem members from eight different London boroughs got up to today”

  1. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support from you and the London Lib Dems! Fingers crossed we have lots of success to share with you in a week or two!

  2. I really appreciated the help yesterday from everyone who came. Trying to win a target seat really is a team effort!

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