Labour Remain voters are much more liberal than Conservative Remain voters

Fascinating and useful data as ever from Paula Surridge, looking at how the Remain supporters of Labour and Conservative compare on overall values:

Labour and Conservative Remain voters on liberal-authoritarian axis

Three important points flow from this:

  1. The spread of values amongst Conservative Remain voters may help, as Paula points out, explain the struggles of Change UK / The Independent Group, currently polling regularly below the Liberal Democrats.
  2. For Labour, it shows how brittle their support is – reliant as it is on a huge chunk of liberal Remain voters, for whom Lib Dems, Greens and Nationalists all have their own plans to win over.
  3. For the Liberal Democrats, it suggests that Labour is the key roadblock to greater success – and which helps explain why the party is so often criticising Labour over Brexit and other liberal matters.

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