Lib Dem membership growth tops 2,000 since local elections

An update on my post about over 1,000 people joining the party since the spectacular local election results. It’s now over 2,000 people:

The Lib Dems have gained more than 2,000 members since the party’s good showing at last week’s local elections…

Ahead of the European elections later this month, Lib Dem Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said the growth in its more than 100,000 membership proved the party was the “strongest party for Remain”.

“Every Liberal Democrat vote is a vote to stop Brexit,” he said. “This surge in membership shows that more and more people have had enough of the national embarrassment Brexit has become.” [Huffington Post]

You can join the party for just £12* here. Or if joining isn’t the thing for you, sign up for free as a registered supporter here.

That news came as Vince Cable launched a European elections poster in Jeremy Corbyn’s own constituency, highlighting how Corbyn wants Brexit to go ahead:

Cable is also aggressively targeting the pro-Remain Labour vote. “Jeremy Corbyn must come out of hiding,” he said this morning while launching a new campaign poster in the Labour leader’s Islington constituency.

“He is totally out of line with his party’s MPs, members and supporters with the continued prevarication on a People’s Vote,” Cable said.

“One of the clear messages of last week is that the electorate are unforgiving of fudge and dishonesty over Brexit.”

As for Labour’s position:

How Labour backs Brexit - series of quotes


* There are concessionary rates too: students can join for £1 for their first two years of membership and if you’re under 26 or are entitled to receive state benefits (other than the state pension or child benefit) then membership starts from just £6 a year.


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