How the Liberal Democrat vote surged in Peterborough

A footnote to the 2019 Liberal Democrat local elections performance, the Liberal Democrat performance in Peterborough. It’s particularly noteworthy given the imminent Parliamentary by-election in the Parliamentary constituency of the same name (though not the exact same boundaries):

There has been speculation about a possible arrangement between Change UK, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats to have one pro-Remain candidate in the contest. However, these talks have not proved fruitful, so far at least:
Norman Smith on how Labour Remainers pressured a potential joint Remain candidate in Peterborough

The Liberal Democrat PPC is Beki Sellick.

6 responses to “How the Liberal Democrat vote surged in Peterborough”

  1. Do we have a date yet for the Peterborough BE ? I imagine moving of the Writ immediately after 23 May and then 6 weeks takes us to approx Thursday 4 July ??

  2. The council wards in the Peterboro constituency are the ones that count. Winning the hearts and minds of those voters in the ward are what counts. What happens in the area after the EU vote will be interesting re how the people of those wards voted.

  3. The wards in the constituency are Bretton North, Bretton South, Central, Dogsthorpe, East, Eye and Thorney, Newborough, North, Park, Paston, Ravensthorpe, Walton, Werrington North, Werrington South and West.

  4. If the the hoped for candidate could be frightened off by the Labour Party then it does not say much for that putative candidate and but a lot about the Labour Party.

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