Campaigning to #StopBrexit in Kate Hoey’s constituency

Lib Dems campaigning in Vauxhall - photo courtesy of John Lubbock

Liberal Democrats campaigning in Vauxhall. Photo courtesy of John Lubbock.

Earlier today I headed over to the constituency of Labour arch-Leaver Kate Hoey for a spot of #StopBrexit campaigning.

Things started with a somewhat challenging delivery route:

Lambeth Liberal Democrats delivery slip

Then in between bursts of rain, the leaflets started going out:

Liberal Democrat anti-Brexit leaflets

Lib Dem Deputy Leader Jo Swinson was out to add her support to a bevvy of London Euro candidates:

One of those Euro candidates was Irina von Wiese, who wrote a great piece for Liberal Democrat Newswire in April and was well prepared for the weather:

Tomorrow, it’s off to Peterborough to help Beki Sellick and the Parliamentary by-election campaign.

7 responses to “Campaigning to #StopBrexit in Kate Hoey’s constituency”

  1. Would it not be better to campaign in Peterboro rather than Hoey’s fiefdom? It failed last time,badly, getting her out.

  2. As a proud British citizen newly minted in 2018 and resident of Clapham, Labour lost my support under Corbyn’s leadership and K.H. is one example of what has gone wrong with the party. I’ve joined LD this year and glad you campaigned here. Some people think K.H. and Labour are the only choice in this constituency and the more we show that is not the case, the better. Thank you!

  3. Mark -agree about b):
    but in 2017 we still ended up a long way from the winning post in Vauxhall. Those extra resources could have tipped some other places (Richmond, St Ives, even North Devon where Nick Harvey was 4,000 votes away) over the winning line. There were a number of better prospects than the theory driven flyer that was taken to no avail in Vauxhall.

  4. Like many, I’m sure, I recall the growing look of horror on the faces of Labour Party folk during the by-election in which, among other things, Hoey claimed she had the support of several Arsenal footballers, needless to say black players, who later said nobody’d mentioned it to them. The Tories were also looking confused as they found themselves taken on by a candidate who was further to the right than their candidate. No idea what Kinnock thought, if thought isn’t a silly word to use, but really she was a catastrophe waiting to happen and she’s happening now – make it clear, make it obvious, make it embarrassing for the decent Labour folk.

  5. I shall vote Labour regardless of the candidate as the election is not about leave or remain given that the MEPs cannot make us stay or leave the EU. If we remain then we need Labour’s international programme across the EU

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