Change UK candidate switches to back Liberal Democrats

David Macdonald reads out his statement backing the Lib Dems - photo from Alex Cole-Hamilton Twitter feed

David Macdonald backs the Lib Dems. Photo from Alex Cole-Hamilton.

Another boost for the Liberal Democrats, whose European election campaign is gaining impressive momentum.

Following news of the South West MEP backing the Lib Dems comes this from Scotland with the switch* of David Macdonald from Change UK to the Lib Dems:

Change UK’s lead candidate for the EU elections in Scotland has quit the race and is now endorsing the Lib Dems.

David Macdonald is top of the Change UK list in Scotland, but said the party “don’t stand much of a chance” of winning a seat in the 23 May poll.

He urged pro-Remain voters to back the Lib Dems to avoid “splitting the vote” and benefiting pro-Brexit parties. [BBC]

Cllr David Macdonald, said:

It has been an honour to be the lead candidate for Change UK for election to the European Parliament for the Scotland electoral region. This new party is genuinely a force for good in British politics and all of their supporters, candidates and elected members have played an integral part in trying to reshape the way in which politics is done in this country for the better. For my involvement within that movement I will be forever grateful.

After a great deal of reflection on the political landscape we are facing in Scotland at present, I have come to the point where I have realised that I must do what is best for the future of this country before anything else. If things continue as they are, the remain vote will split in Scotland and put at risk the representation that supporters of remaining in the European Union so collectively desire.

For that reason, I have decided to end my candidacy for Change UK effective immediately. I am now calling for those in favour of remaining in the European Union, including all supporters of Change UK in Scotland, to do what is best for our collective voice in Europe and to support the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the upcoming European election to better ensure that they gain representation and secure a seat in these European elections.

Over the past three weeks, I have campaigned passionately for a new type of politics. A politics that is based on mutual respect, common understanding and shared values. I believe the action that I am taking today is consistent with those ideals.

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie MSP added:

This will have been a difficult decision for David as he clearly admires those in Change UK as do I. David has recognised the emerging political landscape and rightly felt he had to act to unite the remain vote behind the Liberal Democrats.

I invite each and every person across Scotland who wants to stop Brexit, no matter where their political loyalties have lain before, to lend their vote to the Liberal Democrats and fight for a positive future inside the EU.

Brexit will cause immeasurable harm to every corner of Britain. We can’t let that happen.

If pro-Europeans unite and back the Liberal Democrats we can end the chaos and uncertainty.

Voters have the opportunity to put a stop to the chaos on May 23rdby voting Liberal Democrat and demanding to stop Brexit.

I want to thank David for taking this important step.

From the photo op, I think we can all also agree that Alex Cole-Hamilton and Willie Rennie make a fine pair of bouncers:

And don’t forget:

UPDATE: David Macdonald has now joined the party.

* Rule 2(c) applies, of course.

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